Human Rights & Jewish Values


 In honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declartation of Human Rights.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted in December 1948, is one of the most momentous and sacred texts of the past century. For the past several years, Adat Shalom (along with numerous other communities organized by has celebrated Human Rights Shabbat, close to International Human Rights Day (December 10). For this year’s 70th anniversary of the UDHR, we’re offering a Daily Dvar, written by Adat Shalom members and clergy on various articles and values enshrined in the Declaration.

See below for those divrei Torah. See also our synagogue walls, with the design of these Human Rights posters for the US Information Agency coordinated by our own Ethel Kessler. For more background on Judaism and the UDHR, consult these fabulous resources on the website. And for the history and text of the Declaration itself, visit the UN website the UN website. Please join us in spreading the word about Human Rights, Jewish values, and today’s moral imperatives!

 12/1/2018-23 Kislev 5779 Day 1: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights: What's Missing? by Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb

12/2/2018-24 Kislev 5779 Day 2: Hanukkah & Human Rights by Rabbi Sid Schwarz

12/3/2018-25 Kislev 5779 Day 3: Article 14 - On the Doorposts of Your House by Leon Rodriguez

12/4/2018-26 Kislev 5779 Day 4: Article 21 - The Right to Participate by Debra Fried Levin

12/5/2018-27 Kislev 5779 Day 5: Article 8 - The Right to an Effective Remedy by Joshua M. Levin

12/6/2018-28 Kislev 5779 Day 6: Article 7 - Equality Before the Law, Thanks to My Jewish Camp by Phyllis Lerner

12/7/2018-29 Kislev 5779 Day 7: Article 27 - The Right to Participate in Culture by Rabbi-Hazzan Rachel Hersh 

12/8/2018-30 Kislev 5779 Day 8: Article 26 - The Right to Education by Rabbi Julie Gordon

12/9/2018-1 Tevet 5779 Day 9: Article 16 - The Right to Marriage, Marriage Equality is Deeply Rooted in Jewish Values by Carol Stern

12/10/2018-2 Tevet 5779 Day 10: Article 1 - As Chanukah Ends We Shine a Light on Human Rights by Hadar Harris

12/11/2018-3 Tevet 5779 Day 11: Article 17 - The Right to Property by Audrey Lyon

12/12/2018-4 Tevet 5779 Day 12: Articles 23 & 7 - Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof -- Justice, Justice, You Shall Pursue  by Phil Zipin

12/13/2018-5 Tevet 5779 Day 13: Article 4 - The Legacy Continues: We Were Once Slaves – And Many Still Are by Sue Dorfman

12/13/2018-5 Tevet 5779 Day 13: Israel's Human Rights by Idan Sharon