Rabbi Sid Schwarz Archives


Staying Sane in a World Gone Mad (Kol Nidre 5779)

Will You Still Need Me? Thoughts on Aging and Purpose (Kol Nidre, 5778)

Spiritual Heroes (Kol Nidre, 5777)
Memory and Identity (Kol Nidre, 5775)
Profiles in Courage (Kol Nidre, 5774) 
Welcome to the Tribe (Kol Nidre, 5773)
Food Fight (Kol Nidre, 5771)
WWMD: In Search of Character and Ethics (Kol Nidre, 5770)Holocaust Torah Dedication (March 11, 2000)

Scroll Articles

Should a Rabbi Take Communion? (January 2018)

Lillian Kaplan: A Recollection (March 2013)

Other Web Resources

"The Rabbi as Spiritual Leader", from the Vol 64, No. 1 of The Reconstructionist, a special issue on "The Role of the Rabbi" (go to page 24)

"Faith and Service in Haiti", from The Peoplehood Papers 21, May 2018 as part of a special issue on "Social Justice and Peoplehood".