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38th World Zionist Congress Elections

38th World Zionist Congress Elections

Voting has begun for the 38th World Zionist Congress.

The World Zionist Congress was founded by Theodor Herzl in Switzerland in 1897. Today it directly impacts the distribution of one billion dollars in annual budget, touching the lives of Israelis, Palestinians, and Jewish communities around the globe. With elections taking place every five years, your vote will help determine how five billion dollars gets spent!


Adat Shalom has 3 members on the progressive Zionist slate, Hatikvah (Rabbi Fred, Judy Gelman and Hadar Harris).  Many of the groups that Adat Shalomers are involved with – Truah, the New Israel Fund, Habonim-Dror, J Street, Ameinu, and more – have united behind the Hatikvah progressive slate. And Reconstructing Judaism has partnered with the Union for Reform Judaism to run a slate in this election – the ARZA slate – as well.


The liberal groups all work together on the ground, voting the same way (this includes Mercaz, affiliated with the Conservative/Masorti movement). The priorities may be slightly different, but the upshot is identical. Don’t miss the opportunity to vote for either slate, and help direct policy and budget for major Israeli and global institutions within a values rubric we all share.


Voting is open for seven weeks and we encourage you to talk the importance of voting with family and friends, and in all your Jewish circles. Much of the logic of the importance of voting, along with instructions for casting your vote, is on both the Hatikvah and the Recon-ARZA webpages.


Don’t vote often, but do vote early – and do please help spread the word. More on this in the days and weeks ahead; thanks, everyone, for your commitment to a safe, just, sustainable Israel…


Visit www.zionistelection.org and follow the steps to cast your vote. The whole process takes 90 seconds, though it does include a series of steps. It’s worth the effort!


Click to watch a 1-minute YouTube video that takes you through the steps.