Our building is closed but the office is operating remotely.If you need to reach the clergy or the office, please send an email to info@adatshalom.net or call the main number at 301.767.3333.

Wedding and Commitment Ceremonies

Mazel tov!

Life partnerships are to be treasured and celebrated. Call the office to schedule an aufruf on a shabbat shortly before your ceremony, when the community can bless your union in advance. And speak directly with our clergy about possible officiation; both availability and ability are handled on a case-by-case basis. Each clergyperson’s criteria for officiation (on issues such as the religious background of both partners, distance of the wedding from Washington, and timing of a ceremony within the Jewish week or Jewish year) differ; the gender of either participant, however, is not a criterion.

Wedding (and other Life Cycle) Officiation

Due to the large number of requests Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb receives to officiate at weddings and other life cycle events, he is generally able to officiate only at those of members of Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation, and their children. Having an open and inclusive yet traditionally-oriented attitude toward ritual (i.e. intermarriage when the choice has made to create a primarily Jewish household, supportive of same-sex couples, not doing weddings on Shabbat or holidays, etc), he requires an in-person meeting with couples before agreeing to officiate at any wedding. If you have any questions concerning your upcoming Jewish wedding, please feel free to contact our Clergy Assistant, via email, or at 301-767-3333 ex 106.