Yom Kippur Workshops

Yom Kippur Afternoon Workshop Offerings – Sessions begin at 2:15 PM!

Casting Off Our Climate Sins with Rachel Dick of the Climate Action Working Group
Location: Multi-Purpose Room
As stewards of God’s creation, it is incumbent upon us to address the global climate emergency through individual and communal action as well as political advocacy. This session will empower you to make realistic, sustainable changes in daily behavior to atone for emissions and reduce your carbon footprint. Topics of discussion include the Biblical basis for environmental action and strategies to cut back on greenhouse gases. As a bonus, we’ll show you the basics of composting to turn your organic waste into “black gold.”

The Complicity Trap with Rabbi Sid Schwarz
Location: Triple Classroom (Rooms 5-6-7 in the school wing)
Many people, on both sides of the political divide, have been shocked at how few prominent Republicans have challenged Donald Trump on some of his outrageous statements and policy initiatives. Yet “complicity” is a common human condition and it knows no political boundaries. This sermon will explore how all of us can fall into the “complicity trap” and the implications of that for the moral condition or our society and our world.

Heshbon Halev (Accounting of the Soul)
Location: Library
The Inclusion Advisory Committee invites you to join us in a conversation giving a new slant to Heshbon halev (accounting of the soul). Come listen to members of our own community (Luther Jett, Carol Kranowitz, Jon Grossman, and possibly others) who are family members or professionals working with people with disabilities as they share their successes and challenges. We hope this will help you reflect on your own actions of inclusion and interactions — or your inactions — with those who are “different” so you can consider what you might do in the coming year to expand your welcome.

Meditative Drum/Percussion/Rhythm Circle with Mark Sherman
Location: Porch (Weather Permitting; Rain location: Social Hall)
Participate and/or listen. For older teens and adults only. Bring a drum/percussion instrument or use one of ours. Achieve an even higher state of consciousness.

Yom Kippur Yoga: Being present to your own Hineini with Sue Dorfman
Location: Sanctuary/Windowed Flex Space
Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement or “at-one-ment,” gives each of us the time to reflect on who we are. On this day filled with a prayer from the heart and mind, yoga can help align our bodies and our spirits to our own Hineini and allow us to start embodying who we can become. Come move through gentle yoga postures and listen within. No yoga experience necessary. Bring a mat (preferably) or a beach towel and wear loose-fitting clothes. Suitable for people of all abilities and experience with yoga. Sue is a Kripalu certified yoga teacher who has led yoga on Yom Kippur in DC and Boston since 2000.

A Taste of Wise Aging with Larry Goldsmith
Location: Classroom 12
This workshop will leverage themes that are common to Yom Kippur and the Wise Aging Program. This program will begin later in October. People who have participated in it during the last four years have found ways to deepen their approach to the last third of their lives. The program seeks to make this deepening happen through practices and ways of thinking that help address the many approaching challenges. We learn to build on the years we’ve lived up to now. This year Adat Shalom will be offering three Wise Aging groups: the regular one that will be like the ones we’ve had for the previous four years, a new one specifically for couples, and another new one called A Good Death: Ending Wisely.