Directions to Adat Shalom

From the beltway, I-495, in Maryland:

Take River Road, Exit 39, to the right.  Go toward Potomac (northwest) for 1.5 miles, through three lights, to Bradley Boulevard.  Turn left onto Bradley, and travel one-half mile to a 4-way stop sign at Persimmon Tree Road. Turn left onto Persimmon Tree Road, and travel three-quarters of a mile to Persimmon Tree Lane (note sign on the right where it’s called “Country Club Lane”; the Persimmon Tree Lane sign on the left is easy to miss).  Turn left; in 300 yards, past the little white church, Adat Shalom is on the left.

Parking at Adat Shalom

Each week, our synagogue welcomes many of our congregants and guests.  MANY cars utilize the necessarily limited spaces in our parking lot.  It is vital that everyone observe the signs posted in the parking lot – Double Parking areas (the second row where unwary parkers will be ‘trapped’ until 1:30 as our creative way of getting much parking on little asphalt), Reserved Car Pool spaces, Torah School Teacher, and Handicapped-accessible Parking.


Please be aware that it is illegal, and dangerous, to park along Persimmon Tree Lane, or along Lilly Stone Drive.  Violators are likely to get a parking citation!  If our parking lot is full when you arrive, please exit the property by turning left as you leave Adat Shalom’s driveway, and driving three blocks down Persimmon Tree Lane to the Carderock Springs Elementary School on your left; park there when possible (we have permission to do so).  Should that lot be full or otherwise unavailable, please continue on Persimmon Tree Lane a short distance and cross Persimmon Tree Road, where the name changes to Eggert Road, and parking there is not restricted.  The same goes for the other end of Persimmon Tree Lane (which makes a ‘U’-shape), which becomes Country Club Lane.

The walk to Adat Shalom is approximately 10 minutes from either Carderock Elementary School or the legal overflow legal parking areas (be careful, though, as there’s no sidewalk for much of the way).

Thank you for your cooperation, your perspective, your patience, and your carpooling whenever possible.