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Learn with Eran Baruch, the CEO and Senior Educator of BINA  At Adat Shalom and Bender JCC

Learn with Eran Baruch, the CEO and Senior Educator of BINA At Adat Shalom and Bender JCC

February 15, 2020 - February 16, 2020, All Day

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Shabbat with Eran

Adat Shalom, February 15

9:30 AM Shabbat Services (with Eran, Rabbi Fred, & many Adat Shalomers)

11:10am – Eran Barukh’s Dvar Torah on Parshat Yitro, and BINA

12:15pm – Our Oneg Luncheon, for all

1:00pm – Eran Barukh’s study session on “Abaye & the Lovers: The Joy of Texts; The Fork in the Road” (Comparing Traditional and Modern Approaches to Jewish Learning)


“Voices of Asylum Seekers in Israel” Eran Baruch,Izadeen (21), and Barik (27)

Bender JCC. February 16 at 7:00pm

Join Eran & Darfuri Asylees, for an Evening on Judaism, Refugees, and Social Justice in Israel – with a look at civil society, & discussion on Israel and Refugees, 1948 to 2020 free – but please RSVP in advance here!


Eran Baruch has been Executive Director of BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change, since 2006. Previously he had been BINA’s Educational Director, and Head of the Secular Yeshiva in Tel Aviv. Eran was the initiator of BINA’s famed Social Action program — BINA BaShchuna — and founder of BINA’s first Secular Yeshiva. As the Executive Director of BINA, and former chair of PANIM: Israeli Network of Jewish Renaissance Organizations, Eran is one of the senior leaders of secular-Israeli Jewish renewal – a key architect of the frameworks in which classic and modern Jewish texts are taught to secular Israelis – and the lessons derived are transformed into social actions. Eran’s leadership goes beyond Jewish education; it is about returning essential Jewish values to the soul of Israeli society. Barukh ha’ba, Eran!