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Leil Rosh HaShana and Rosh HaShana Seder – All Ages

Leil Rosh HaShana and Rosh HaShana Seder – All Ages

September 18, 2020, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Rosh HaShana Seder – a seder on Rosh Hashana? That’s not a typo; it’s actually an attested custom from some communities. As we know, ‘seder’ simply means ‘order’ — and though we automatically associate this word with Pesach, this year we can experience a newer new year ritual, around the table, all ages, all together.

Ma Nishtana haSeder haZeh (how is this seder different from all others)?! First and foremost, in length: our Rosh HaShana seder will be just 30 minutes long, ending in plenty of time for us to all sit down and eat a relaxed yuntif (festival) dinner, wherever we are.  We’ll join together in the table prayers (candle-lighting, kiddush, and motzi), with special new year melodies. And we’ll express our wishes and hopes for the new year, with symbolic foods on our Rosh HaShana seder plate (honey, apples, challah, pomegranate, carrots, fish-head or a veggie substitute, and kiddush wine or grape juice!).

Via YouTube at this link: click here.