Kay and Ira Abram share their story of why to give a legacy gift:

Neither Ira nor I received a religious education that mattered. After having our firstborn son, Daniel, Kay devoted herself to reclaiming her Jewish heritage, including a conversion despite her rightful paternal Jewish identity.

But, exploring synagogues left us feeling inadequate. There was little meaningful about being Jewish until we found the Adat Shalom Reconstructionist Congregation. From the start, we felt embraced and empowered to learn and engage. There was no judgment, no sense of having to qualify as Jews.

As our children grew up in the hands and hearts of the Adat Shalom community, so did we. How often we gratefully exclaimed, “what would we do and where would we be if not for Adat Shalom.” We appreciate that Adat Shalom is so vibrant and that it lives and breaths Judaism, based on Jewish ethics and values.

Thus, it was natural that when we prepared our wills we included a bequest to the Adat Shalom Endowment Fund.

We believe that this is an essential way to assure Adat Shalom continues to sustain our Judaism, be a place that our adult children wish to return to, and can remain a living and caring community that continues to engage and enliven us, and future generations, with Jewish education, activism and spirit.