Social Action

Social Action

Adat Shalomers live “Jewishly” through social action.  The Jewish value of Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) is central to our communal lives. From fighting hunger and homelessness, to seeking immigrant rights, from working for racial justice and gender equality to protecting our resources and environment, ours is a community of change agents for good.

Our major programs include:

To learn more and to get involved, contact the Social Action Chair, Rena Milchberg, at


Refugee Resettlement – Adat Shalom works with a refugee family from Afghanistan, helping them build a new life in the United States.  We have furnished their apartment, and mentor them as they learn how to navigate schools, jobs, transportation and life in a new country.

Racial Justice Discussion Group – Adat Shalom holds workshops and learning session to help us understand white privilege, unconscious bias, systemic racism and the ongoing struggle for justice in America.  Co-sponsored with Jews United for Justice, these events are open to the public.

Pursuing Justice at Home – Beginning in March 2018, Join us for a look into the cracks and crevices of our everyday lives, including our sacred spaces, to further justice. Using Jewish sources and experiential forms of engagement, this class will explore the philosophical and practical nuances of navigating difference, embracing diversity, and being truly inclusive, with a focus on Jewish community. Participants will grow as effective and Jewishly-emboldened agents of welcome, safety, and solidarity, both within our spiritual home/s and beyond. Sponsored by Adat Shalom’s Jewish studies and Social Action committees.