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Teach children how they should live, and they will remember it all of their life. Proverbs 22:6

Teach Your Children Well. Graham Nash, 1969

Whichever source you prefer, teaching our children is an essential Jewish value. At the Adat Shalom Torah School we strive to create a strong connection to Jewish values including social action, our community, the State of Israel, and Torah. We are committed to instilling a love of Judaism and Jewish learning in our children.

We do this through creative and experiential programming that is relevant, age-appropriate, and innovative. Our Torah School staff share their sense of joy, invite questioning and engagement in what the students are learning and expose them to new ideas, issues and opportunities for connection. Our students are as diverse as our community and include a full spectrum of learning styles. Our program is designed to support our plurality in a way that honors individual needs while at the same time nurtures group spirit.

Across all of our grades our students will develop an appreciation of Jewish history, customs, beliefs, Hebrew language, ritual practices, and other teachings within a Reconstructionist context. Every Torah School class includes a minyan -- a joyous, song-filled, student co-led service – that is a building block for developing familiarity and comfort with the structure of Shabbat services and the prayers. The goal is for students to participate in any congregational service with comfort and ease.

Our formal Torah School for Kindergarten through 6th grade meets at Adat Shalom on Saturday mornings. Beginning in grade 3, students participate in regular Hebrew learning, either through Adat Shalom’s HebrewTime program or through private Hebrew tutoring, vetted with the synagogue. Our innovative program for 7th grade supports families and students as they become b- mitzvah* and is scheduled based on programming activities. (*We honor our young people’s gender identity and choose this formula rather than the more binary “bar or bat” language.)

We are looking forward to welcoming our students and their parents, our madrichim/ot (student leaders) and our teachers on Shabbat morning, September 7! It will a fun and meaningful day of learning, reconnecting with friends and celebrating our community.

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We have a special one-year rate for non-members interested in enrolling their children in K-2nd grade. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., education coordinator, for more information.

Welcome to the Adat Shalom Torah School for 2019-20/5780!

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The Adat Shalom Torah School is committed to instilling a love of Judaism and Jewish learning in our children. The Torah School staff work to convey a sense of joy and celebration of Judaism, rigor in learning, and openness to questioning. The learning process focuses on developing an appreciation of Jewish history, customs, beliefs, language, ritual, and other teachings within a Reconstructionist context.