Our building is closed but the office is operating remotely. If you need to reach the clergy or the office, please send an email to info@adatshalom.net or call the main number at 301.767.3333 ex. 101.



Adat Shalom Listserv

Purpose and Audience

The Adat Shalom Listserv is part of our virtual shul, allowing our congregation to extend spiritual and communal interactions beyond our physical space. The Listserv is an electronic forum that allows for the rapid exchange of members’ information and opinions. All new members are invited to subscribe. Members who are not yet on the Listserv may sign up via this link (subscribe). [Note: Since only members may be on the list, your registration will be processed as soon as your membership has been verified by the list owner.]

Communication Quality

Our Listserv is not moderated. As members’ postings go directly to all other subscribers it is important that only pertinent and effectively communicated messages are posted (see the Thou Shalt guidelines). If a member consistently posts messages that are serious breaches of these netiquette rules, their subscription may be terminated. Termination will be invoked only after the mediator has made every reasonable effort to ameliorate the situation, and shall require the approval of the President of the Adat Shalom Board of Directors.

Communication Quantity

Once registered, manage your subscription by using this link (manage)–and, after you login (see below), click on Subscriber Options. You can receive all messages individually (Standard), or elect one of several daily compilation options [click Help to the left of “receiving mode” to see a short explanation of each type]. Congregants typically prefer the Summary Mode option. You can use this Listserv link to stop messages when you go on vacation by checking “Do Not Receive” (Nomail) and then changing your method back on return. In either case, click Update for your choice to go into effect.

Web Browser Interface

You may use the web to read messages away from your computer, or if you’ve elected not to receive any e-mails. To use the web interface, you need to create a login with the same e-mail address used for your subscription. From the ListServ “Home Page,” you can read and search the list archives, retrieve attachments, post a message from your e-mail address, post your photograph or manage your subscription.

Advertisements and Announcements

The Listserv does not accept ads from outside organizations, vendors or commercial entities. However, many of us work in organizations whose materials and events may be of interest to our members, personally and professionally. Infrequent announcements that clearly meet this criterion (e.g., volunteer and employment opportunities, efforts specifically sponsored by and for Adat Shalom members, etc.) are welcome on an occasional basis.

Political Endorsements

Our community members are passionate about their politics- and where Jewish values inform public policy, Listserv postings may be fruitful. However, in light of IRS restrictions on non-profit organizations, like ours, we have determined that we will not use the Listserv to endorse or support any candidate or political party in any way. Political discourse is, of course, acceptable on the Listserv–even encouraged–yet it must be done in a way that respects these boundaries.

Communication Support

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact a member of the Board or email info@adatshalom.net. If you have questions about technical mechanics (signing up or changing the way you retrieve/receive messages) read the directions online and then email sarah.herman@adatshalom.net for assistance.