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Room Parent

Dear Parents,

We know that registration has just begun and we’re all in gear for the end of the school year, but we wanted to grab you for a quick minute before the summer sets in. In order to start next year strong, we are asking parents to volunteer now to be Room Parents. Room Parents are in a unique position to help build a sense of community within the class, within the Torah School, and within the synagogue.

We’re looking at Room Parents to help in a few ways:

  • Make sure families receive and are aware of the calendar of events for the class.
  • Remind families of upcoming events for the class, typically through email two weeks and a few days before.
  • Help coordinate hosts for havdallah dinners once or twice a year as well as other activities the class plans. (Note: Room Parents do not have to host themselves; they assist with asking for a volunteer to host and sending reminders).
  • Encourage attendance at class onegs once or twice a year if possible.
  • Ask for volunteers when needed.
  • Collect money for, and coordinate with students to distribute, end-of-year cards and gifts for teachers and madrichim.

Room Parents may want to invite another parent to assist them.

The rewards?

  • A chance to give back to Adat Shalom
  • A sense of community within your child’s grade level
  • Opportunities for you to get to know other parents

Please contact Jodi Lipson to volunteer or ask questions.

Thank you.

Jodi Lipson and Wendy Baber, chair and co-chair of the Torah School Council

Room Parents, 2019-20

  • Gan/Aleph (K/1)-
  • Bet (2)-
  • Gimmel (3)-
  • Daled (4)-
  • Hey (5)-
  • Vav (6) – (thanks to Preston Plous with Kate Whiting, who have already volunteered)
  • Zayin (7)-“