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Hebrew Options

Hebrew language is an important learning element and participation tool for all Jewish communities. Our beautiful, language unites Jewish people across the spectrum of religious observance, cultural affiliation and nationality. Transmitting this essential component of Jewish life to our children is a commitment we embrace with alacrity.

We also recognize the unique demands on time and attention for our generation’s Jewish families. With many activities from which to choose and multiple opportunities for developing personal interests, Hebrew language
learning needs to be accessible, engaging, affordable and logistically manageable.

Our children in Kitot Gan – Bet (Kindergarten through grade 2) participate in Shabbat Torah school where they are exposed to the sounds of the Hebrew alphabet and key words used in synagogue community. We utilize a
kinesthetic approach to Hebrew language for our youngest students, Hebrew Through Movement, which supports students to become acquainted with Hebrew before beginning more formal language learning in Kitah Gimmel, when our children begin their Hebrew studies in earnest.

Adat Shalom offers two Hebrew learning options for our children in Kitot Gimmel – Vav, (grades 3-6):

  • Hebrew Time, Adat Shalom’s individualized, distance Hebrew program
  • Hebrew private tutoring, under our supervision

Hebrew Time

HebrewTime, Adat Shalom’s individualized, distance Hebrew learning program for 3rd grade (Kitah Gimmel) through 6th grade (Kitah Vav) students, had a successful inaugural year in 2018-2019 and will continue as an option for our families.

Goal: To create an engaging and positive learning experience for Hebrew instruction that focuses on students developing decoding skills (phonetics).

  • Confidence participating in Shabbat morning tefillot (prayers) and reciting basic blessings
  • Personal connection and understanding of basic Shabbat morning tefillot
  • Recognition of core Hebrew tefillah vocabulary and basic grammar
  • To improve the educational experience for students and convenience for families
  • To take advantage of the Hebrew teaching talents of our shaliach (full-time Israeli emissary/educator), Idan Sharon.


  • Individual Tutoring: One-on-one 25-minute weekly Hebrew tutoring sessions via Skype (24 sessions), scheduled according to families’ and tutors’ availability. Students’ learning will progress at their own pace. Scheduling for Hebrew Time Skype tutoring will begin in August.
  • Online Homework: Hebrew homework will offer our students the creative use of online interactive decoding/reading practice with Reconstructionist prayer language.
  • Reading Practice: Students send their tutor a weekly voice recording decoding/reading Hebrew from the week’s class to reinforce their lessons and guide the tutor’s planning for the next session.
  • Weekly Updates: Tutors send a weekly update about each student’s progress. This weekly communication will help:
    • Inform parents about their children’s progress.
    • Support our ongoing evaluation of Hebrew Time.
    • Troubleshoot any problems early on and develop strategies to improve each student’s learning.

See Hebrew Time FAQ below for more information.

Private Hebrew tutoring

Private tutoring ($1,170 including Shabbat morning Torah School, Hebrew educational support, and twice-yearly check-ins with our education director; parents also pay the cost of a tutor of their choice directly to the tutor).

If you have questions, please contact Rena Milchberg,  Executive Director, or Marcie Wilson at (301) 767-3333.

2019-20 Adat Shalom Torah School Tuition Schedule

Fees include the Hebrew School option of your choice and Shabbat morning Torah School:

  1. Hebrew Time new tutoring-by-Skype program: $1,620
  2. Private tutoring: $1,170 plus the cost of the tutor, which you pay directly to the tutor

Registration and Scheduling

You should have received an email for registration on our website.

If you have not received an email, contact Marcie Wilson at Marcie.Wilson@adatshalom.net.

Scheduling of Hebrew Time sessions will begin in August. You will receive an email with a link to sign up for a weekly session. The scheduling system is similar to signing up for many after-school activities. It will list each teacher’s availability by day of the week and time. You should select the teacher that is available on the day and at the time that is convenient for your child’s schedule.

Hebrew Time FAQ

For more information on this innovative model of Hebrew learning via Skype, you can read this article and this article.

1. Who will teach my child?

We will have multiple experienced Hebrew/Jewish educators: Idan Sharon, our new full-time shaliach (Israeli emissary) Sophie Becker-Klein, experienced b-mitzvah* tutor and Yoni Slater, Camp Havaya counselor.

2. Who chose the curricula?

We’ve chosen the Kol Yisrael curriculum because it matches our Hebrew educational goals. It is used in many congregational schools and produced by Behrman House, a major Jewish publishing company. Find further information by clicking here.

3. How do I schedule my child’s Hebrew tutoring sessions via Skype?

Registration will be open this spring using Chaverweb.

Take advantage of early-bird registration through June 15th. Registering early also helps us plan for the coming school year.

Scheduling for Hebrew Time Skype tutoring will begin in August. You will receive an email with a link. The scheduling system is similar to signing up for many after-school activities. It will list each teacher’s availability by date and time. You choose the teacher that is available on the day and at the time most convenient for your family.

4. What is the cancellation and make-up policy?

The cancellation policy is the same policy as many after-school activities. There are no makeup lessons for students’ cancellations. Please email your child’s teacher as far in advance as possible if your child cannot attend the lesson. The teacher will email your child’s homework to you by the next day.

5. What if the teacher is sick or has an emergency?

If the teacher is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified in advance by email or phone. Especially on the day of your child’s Hebrew Time Skype lesson, please check your email for a message from our Education Director.

The Education Director will provide a substitute tutor on the same day and at the same time as your child’s regular session.

6. What should I do if the technology at my home isn’t working?

As soon as possible before the lesson, email the teacher that your Skype connection isn’t working. The lesson will then be over the phone.

7. What is the parents’/caregiver’s role?

An adult needs to be present before the lesson to ensure that there’s a working Skype connection and the student has a quiet environment to focus on the lesson and not be distracted.

8. What if my child is already using devices too often or doesn’t learn well using technology?

We are respectful of your concern about the amount of time children are using technology. We also know that children learn differently and not all will learn best via Skype. If you feel that you don’t want your child to learn Hebrew via Skype, we suggest you take advantage of our option to hire a private tutor.

*We honor our young people’s gender identity and choose this formula rather than the more binary “bar or bat” language.