Our building is closed but the office is operating remotely.If you need to reach the clergy or the office, please send an email to info@adatshalom.net or call the main number at 301.767.3333.


At Adat Shalom, meeting is essential. Meeting is how we connect. We meet to plan. We meet to sing. We meet to learn. We meet to study. We meet to brainstorm. We meet to discuss. We meet to support. We meet to celebrate. We meet to debate. We meet to pray. We meet to rehearse. We meet to schmooze. We meet formally and informally. Meeting is how we build community, advance the goals of Adat Shalom and ensure that all voices and perspectives are heard. Our meetings and gatherings, big and small, build the links between us and strengthen our community. We want to meet you.

In addition to Shabbat services, we have a rich set of programs throughout the year.

From “acherei oneg” (after the oneg) events, to social action missions around the area, to monthly Kabalat Shabbat services on Friday night, to name just a few, you will find an active and participatory community with much to encourage Jewish growth and build community connections.