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2017 Retreat: “Immigration”

Wandering: Jews, and Others (Immigrant Experiences, Refugees, and Other “Others”)

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Program Highlights

2017 Retreat Choveret/Booklet – Many resources are here in this booklet for you to peruse! Some 190 adults will be studying this material together on Memorial Day weekend at the Adat Shalom retreat. But even if you’re not joining us, much is self-explanatory, and worth reading – including stand-alone articles like those on pages 18-19 and 25-26. NOTE: The front and rear covers, full of graphics and resources, are not numbered–Enjoy!

2017 Adat Shalom Retreat Choveret Table of Contents
(Note: the listed page number appears at the bottom of the page)

Content Page
Schedule 1–2
Fri. Night Text Study – love the ger/other (and inside front cover) 4–7
Israel, 50 Years into Occupation/Reunification 8–11
Shabbat morning resources, including “Who Counts?” 12–17
More Judaic resources, Saturday afternoon 18–26
Immigration resources, Saturday afternoon 27–33
Saturday evening songs and prayers 35–40
Sunday morning Judaic & immigration resources (and p. 34) 41–46
Next Steps resources 47–48