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2019 Retreat: “Gratitude and Blessings”


What we love about this weekend! Services outdoors, youth programming, swimming, tour of farm and gardens, Havdalah under the stars, yoga, walks campfires/smores, hanging out with friends. New this year, camping option!

Program Highlights

At Adat Shalom’s semi-annual Retreat we celebrate intense community, a beautiful setting, deep learning, a meaningful and relaxing Shabbat together, and a ton of fun. It promises an unusual abundance of blessings, for which we will all be naturally grateful. But even when goodness is harder to discern, Judaism invites us to a life of appreciation. As Rabbi Dr. David Teutsch (former President of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College) notes:

“Wonder and gratitude have been central attitudes and emotions in the Jewish mindset from Biblical times through the present. They underlie much of our liturgy, and shape much of the ethical and spiritual outlook within Jewish life.”

The powerful book “From Gratitude to Blessing,” that David wrote with Marilyn Price (a leading Jewish educator via many varied media), makes modern sense of this ancient orientation. We’re lucky to have both Marilyn and David with us, over Memorial Day weekend, to share their gifts and insights with participants of all ages (all families at the retreat will receive a copy of this wonderful book).

Jewish thought and practice lead us toward an “attitude of gratitude” — from the daily practice of saying blessings, to the structure of Jewish liturgy. Through discussion, reflection, and activity, the Retreat will help each of us figure out how to personally focus on gratitude, and explore where that can lead us.

2019 Retreat Choveret/Booklet


Rabbi David TeutschA short preview of Rabbi Teutsch’s sessions:

On Friday night, “Gratitude and Wonder in Jewish Tradition and in Our Lives.”  This will include some small-group conversation.

On Saturday morning, “The Structure and Theology of Hebrew Blessings.”

On Saturday afternoon Rabbi Teutsch and Marilyn Price will do “Stories of Gratitude in Jewish Lore and in Our Families.”

On Sunday, “The Anatomy of Jewish Liturgy, the Role of Blessings, and Paying It Forward.”


Marilyn PriceA short preview of Marilyn Price’s sessions:

Marilyn will primarily (not exclusively) be with the kids that sign up for programming with Rabbi Julie and the youth programming team.  They will be designing a visual concept to Blessings and Gratitude and have a take home (or send to home) book that the kids will design.  When able, Marilyn will join in with Rabbi Teutsch and the adult community as well.