Our building is closed but the office is operating remotely. If you need to reach the clergy or the office, please send an email to info@adatshalom.net or call the main number at 301.767.3333 ex. 101.

Gift Shop Policy & Guidelines


To provide high quality Israeli products and Judaica for our community conveniently and at fair prices and to raise funds for the congregation.


The Adat Shalom Gift Shop, being an integral part of the Adat Shalom community, should reflect the values and ethics of the congregation. As such, the gift shop should strive to conduct business fairly and to support artists and communities in need.


The money generated from gift shop sales will be normally allocated to the synagogues general fund except for specific occasions such as a special fundraiser.

Guidelines For Selection Of Suppliers:

  1. The Adat Shalom Gift shop is committed to supporting Israeli artists, craft-people and artisans. The Israeli artists need not be Jewish.
  2. The gift shop will ensure that artists and organizations whose products are carried reflect Adat Shalom’s values, and will reserve the right to refuse to carry merchandise from persons or organizations that do not share those values.
  3. When appropriate, the Gift Shop will carry Judaica items that are made in the US. Such products do not have to be necessarily made by Jewish artists, but priority will be given to artists or artistic co-operatives that promote justice. Examples include artists donating a certain percent of their profits to benefit their community or flower growers who use environmentally friendly methods.
  4. When appropriate, the Gift Shop may carry items made by Jewish artisans from Jewish communities in need, such as Russia and Argentina.
  5. When appropriate, the Gift Shop may carry products that members of Adat Shalom design and create. These products should be produced solely by Adat Shalom members. If a product such as music CD, a lecture tape, a lithograph, a book etc. is mass-produced, priority will be given to those made in the USA or Israel.
  6. Because the gift shop tries to deal directly with artists, the gift shop will generally not purchase items from wholesale or retail outlets, even those owned by members.

Management And Business Practices:

  1. The Gift Shop is managed by a subcommittee of the Israel Connection Committee.
  2. The subcommittee makes determinations concerning merchandise, prices, selection, and hours of operation in keeping with these guidelines.
  3. The Gift Shop welcomes input, comments, and suggestions made by the Adat Shalom community.
  4. The Gift Shop will market its merchandise to members, the wider community and other Judaic or Gift Shops.
  5. All profits to benefit Adat Shalom.

Guidelines For Gift Shop Operation:

  1. The priority of the Gift Shop will be to deal directly with the artists to the greatest extent possible in order to insure that the artists receive maximum compensation.
  2. Items will be assigned a market value (hence the sale price) as determined by the subcommittee (or its representative).
  3. There will be NO monetary transactions on Shabbat or on most Holidays.
  4. The committee (or its representative) may decide to run sales or special discounts, such as post-Chanukah or post- Pesach.
  5. Gift certificates are available and will be valid for one year from date of purchase.
  6. Unused items can be exchanged or returned for credit within 21 days.
  7. Used items such as open CDs, tested creams, or pierced earrings cannot be returned.
  8. Mezuzot are sold without insert (Shemah Prayer). Kosher claf (inserts) are available for purchase separately.
  9. All pre-orders are considered a purchase. Once an order has been placed cancellation will not be possible.
  10. Payments may be made by cash, check, credit card (VISA, Master card) and Paypal (when applicable) at the time of purchase.
  11. Purchases made by Adat Shalom committees, the Torah school, or any other official entity of the congregation, will be charged against the appropriate budget, with the payment reflecting the price tag of the items purchased.
  12. Shipping is available at additional cost.

Hours of Operation:

During the school year the shop will be open on Wednesdays from 4 Р6:30 pm and Sundays from 11 am Р1 pm. Special hours can be arranged by sending an e-mail.