Days of Awe-High Holy Days

Days of Awe-High Holy Days



בא הביתה במהרה עם הרוח הקרירה

Bo HaBai’ta Bimhera Im HaRuach HaKrirah*

Come home quickly with the spirit of the season.

*from the poem “Song of Tishrei” by Rachel Shapira

In our sanctuary, our garden, our classrooms, our library, we will gather for prayer, celebration, reflection, learning and connection. We begin with Sl’ichot on Saturday, Sept 21 with Noa Baum and end on Monday, October 21 with Shemini Artzeret services.   Rosh HaShanah begins Sunday, September 29th with dinner prior to services. We look forward to sharing a rich and restorative season with you here at Adat Shalom!