High Holidays FAQ

Dear Community,

We are excited that all of Adat Shalom’s High Holy Days services for 5780 will be held in our spiritual home on Persimmon Tree Lane. This is a new approach for all of us and there are many logistics to address. We’ve prepared this FAQ page to answer as many questions as possible — please refer back to this page as needed as you form your own plans for the holidays.  Don’t hesitate to contact our office any time either by email at officeadmin@adatshalom.net or by telephone at 301-767-3333 for information or for help with children’s program registration and Erev Rosh HaShana reservations.


We all will experience our internal and external communal spaces differently from what we’ve come to expect on a given Shabbat or evening event. Our professional, administrative and custodial staff, along with a cadre of dedicated volunteer members, will work conscientiously to provide a rich holiday experience for all.  With respect to logistical challenges, particular attention is being given to parking, seating and general movement to, within and from our building. While we believe that the logistics are workable based on the planning to date and a look at the dynamics of large events previously held at Adat Shalom, we are realistic enough to know that even with the utmost attention to detail, some challenges may arise. We will be prepared to address them. We also recognize we need more volunteers in different areas and ask members to please volunteer.

We ask that you work with us to make this successful, and of course, feel free to let us know if you have questions not addressed in the FAQs or during the holidays.


Click here for the FAQ