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Rise Up! Adat Shalom’s Offerings for the Jewish New Year Season

Rise Up! Adat Shalom’s Offerings for the Jewish New Year Season


Human, rise up, rise up
You have strength within you
You have wings of spirit
Wings of powerful eagles
Do not deny them

Lest they deny you
Seek them out
And you will find them without delay
(lit. they will be found by you . . . )

-Rav Avraham Israel Kook

Rabbi Avraham Israel Kook (1865-1935), the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of Palestine under the British Mandate, envisioned a reborn Israel in which “the old would be renewed and the new sanctified,” weaving a new tapestry of Jewish religious and cultural life which integrated the (Ashkenazi) Jewish legacy with a new Jewish future.


With these words we enter the Jewish New Year season in this historic year, one that we will long remember in years to come. And let us do so with the images offered to us here: we have strength within us, we have wings of spirit, like powerful eagles. In a moment when we may be filled with doubt, with fear, with despair, without denying the realities before us, we must not deny that inherent strength within us. Rather we will nurture that strength through the gift of community, through the bonds of friendship and mutual support we must continue to build, and through the time-honored wisdom of our spiritual tradition, one day at a time, one season at a time.

We will look to Rav Kook’s inspiring words and images throughout these weeks, sing them together, and find our way forward to the threshold of the new year and beyond

Join us for all of our gatherings, services, celebrations and memorials during this season. We welcome you and look forward to greeting you face to face, virtually, and in real time.

Recording by Rabbi Hazzan Rachel and Michael Gottlieb


Recording by Avigail Amar-Uziel

All are welcome to celebrate the Jewish New Year with the Adat Shalom Community through our virtual programming. For information about accessing our services and other holiday offerings for non-members, please click here.