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“Let us have songs to fill our mouths as full as the sea.”

So says our prayerbook and we like the idea very much.  In our prayers, celebrations, memorials and holidays, music is the essential tool for expressing what words alone cannot.

We delight in virtuosity but value participation most of all. Click here to learn more.

Our Adat Shalom musicians can be heard regularly leading traditional davening (praying), lifting up new versions of Jewish prayer, offering musical settings of Jewish folk melodies, singing with our marvelous choir, performing with our home-grown klezmer group, joining in a rock and roll pick up band for our Purim party and many other special times that invite the magic of music into our communal life.  We’re blessed to welcome many amazing guest artists for our annual Alan Schwarz Music Shabbaton and other special gatherings.

For information about our adult choir, contact Lisa Sommers.

For more information about our music program, contact Rabbi Hazzan Rachel Hersh.

For more information about Chords of Glory, contact Pam Sommers.

Oseh Shalom

Shalom Rav


“May there be a great peace for Your people, Israel and for all dwellers of the earth.

For You are a Sovereign Presence of all peace

And may it be good in Your eyes to bless Your people and all people with peace.”

Text, siddur

Melody, Rachel Hersh and Steve Neugeboren