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  • “Duet Elul” – A favorite melody from a favorite verse from Psalm 27, the psalm for Elul.  “One thing have I asked of The Eternal: that I may dwell in the House of The Eternal all the days of my life, and to delight in the pleasantness of Holy Presence.”  This setting, by Ethan Franzel, combines this verse with a verse from Psalm 121, “I lift my eyes to the mountains, which is the source of my support, my strength comes from The Eternal, maker of heaven and earth.
  • “The King and the Vase” – A beautiful and profound allegory about God’s acceptance of our imperfections. Narrated by Luther Jett with singing by Hazzan Rachel.
  • “U’v’chen” – “U’v’chen”  is an excerpt of the High Holy Day kedusha from the Amidah.  This setting is an adaptation of a composition by the great Israel Alter.
  • Geulah Maariv YN
  • Hatzi Kaddish YN
  • Ki Hem Chayenu YN
  • Maariv Aravim Y’N
  • “Mi Chamocha” – The nusach (traditional musical prayer mode) for the evening of the High Holy Days is distinctive and majestic. For those who know it, hearing it calls up a clear psychological response: the New Year has arrived. Listening to this short clip will remind you of the special sounds of the High Holy Days.
  • Ben Adam Aleh L’Malah (Rav Kook)

Minyan Gesher 2015-16 Rosh Minyan A 2nd Semester

Minyan Gesher 2015-16 Rosh Minyan B 2nd Semester

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