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2017-2018 Dues & Building Fund Rate Chart

If you wish to prepay your Membership Fees for 2018-19 prior to December 31, 2017, please use the 2017-2018 Dues & Building Fund Chart (above) as a guide. Once the 2018-2019 budget has been approved, we will bill you the difference in rates effective July 1, 2018.

Special Rates for Households Under 35

For members under 30, dues will be $180 per person, $360 per couple. No building fund fee will be charged. This membership will not be subject to the “standard” dues increases, but remain fixed until it is specifically changed.

For members 30 through 35, dues will be 50% of regular dues. No building fund fee will be charged. When a member turns 36, the first year of the building fund fee will be charged along with full dues.

In the case of couples, the older one’s age governs.