Can Jam Packers and Drivers

Children only learn the habit -- and the joy -- of doing mitzvot by doing them. Sign yourself and your kids up to join us this year as we continue the CanJam monthly canned food donation-and-delivery program. Please consider also making time to visit the Manna Food Warehouse to pack the food you have collected for delivery to families that need it.

The CanJam program collects non-perishable food (sealed cans, bottles and boxes) once per month at the Shul and then delivers them to one of several food warehouses in the DC area. The warehouses then pack and distribute this food to many lower-income people in the area.

What do we need each month? One volunteer packer-driver plus 1 backup packer-driver to 1) bring 4-6 cartons on the assigned day to Shul, 2) pack up all donations into these cartons/grocery bags and 3) deliver the donations to one of four distribution warehouses in the local area.

How much time will it take? 15 minutes to prepare the night before. 15 minutes at Shul packing and “schlepping” boxes. 30-60 minutes 2-5 days later to drop off the food at the location of your choice.

What days are available? CanJam is held the 2nd weekend of each month, , and a notice is sent out over the listserve.

How can you sign-up? 1) email or call this year’s CanJam Coordinator: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. and tell him when you would like to help.

Thanks for your enthusiastic help and support this past year!

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