Can Jam Packer/Driver Instructions

(Note: it only takes about 15 minutes to prepare for CanJam the night before; about 30-40 minutes on Shabbat, and around 15 minutes when you deliver the food (depending on how far away you live from the donation site)).

"Packer-drivers" are each responsible for bringing in 4-6 cartons/grocery bags on your assigned date and packing up food from the baskets in the entryway of the Shul after services, loading your cars and delivering the food at a time that works for you. One packer-driver or family is assigned each month.

If you cannot make your date, you are responsible to find a substitute. The bins must be cleared on your assigned dates. Packer-drivers: please find subs if you can't make it!

Some foods in the bins will already be in shopping/grocery bags. You don't have to repack them into cartons - you can take the bags and contents as is. When you arrive at a site, don't hesitate to ask for handcarts or dollies and extra hands to help you unload.

Please pack after shabbat services. Please don't pack before services because folks will be bringing in foods all morning. Also, please don't start packing late morning while services are in progress because it may be disruptive to the sanctuary. 

If you receive AS NOT ACCEPTABLE food items (peanut butter, bottled goods,unsecured grain), please pack them up and deliver them as well. They are discouraged for donation at Adat Shalom but acceptable to many shelters.

Many of the food warehouses are now accepting non-food items: shampoos, soaps, other personal hygiene products, diapers, formula. Pplease pack them up and deliver them as well. Please empty the bins completely on your assigned date. This is very important.

For a list of all distribution centers, addresses and driving directions, see the folder named FOOD DISTRIBUTION SITE.

Social Action Opportunities

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