On the third Tuesday of each month, an energetic team from Adat Shalom packs, tapes, and stacks 144 or 192 boxes of food for those in need at Manna Food Center's Gaithersburg warehouse. Families are welcome (children must be supervised). It takes about an hour and a half. You can sign up to help out by clicking here.

We start with a selection of food put out for us and a set of packing instructions.  Much of what we packed tonight was from donations (a la Can Jam, Kans for Kol Nidre, and periodic collections at Giant Food stores).   The cardboard boxes with the colorful labels are the sign of food donated and then sorted at Manna. 

manna 1

We have to take the supplied food and distribute it to 192 boxes in four aisles like the one below.

manna 2
When we're finished, the pallets that had the food at the beginning of the pack are empty.

manna 3
 And the individual boxes look something like these.

manna 4

Until we tape them closed. 

manna 5

And stack them 48 to a pallet.

manna 6

And then the crew is ready to go home.  After those in middle and high school get their SSL forms, that is.

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