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Faith In The Time Of The Pandemic (Not Love in the Time Of The Cholera)

Faith In The Time Of The Pandemic (Not Love in the Time Of The Cholera)


At the Grand Canyon they have built a bridge that goes out in a semicircle over the canyon and the bottom is made of transparent material. For those of us who have been there and looked out at the expanse of empty space this seems impossibleto walk out into air, knowing that this man-made construct will hold those who stand on it and keep them from falling. To not be afraid.  To trust. To have faith. 

In one of my meditation groups we were invited to notice when the Self shows up.  That part of us which keeps us small. For example, we may be thinking of plants and suddenly, without noticing, we find ourselves thinking about our gardens, our plants,  as if that mattered to anyone or anything but us. Feeling possessive is so small. The self is so pervasive.

I thought of that bridge over the Grand Canyon.  What would it be like to trust completely that I will not fall? To have the faith that since nothing is mine, letting go is what I can do and be at peace, if only for a little whilefor a minutefor a second.  Unclench my fists, relax my jaw, breathe, and trust that all is well.

To trust that a vaccine will be invented, that people will not die of this invisible virus, but of old age, in their beds, surrounded by people they love.

At this time of year we are invited to examine our souls. What if I could take only one second to experience the Faith that all is One! (Ba yom hahu yihieh YHVH echad u shemoh echad). On that day YHVH will be One, and the Name (will be) One! 

And what if the memory of that blissful breath can then carry me forth so I can retrieve it whenever I need to renew my faith. 

Shana Tova! May you have the faith that all will be well. 


Susanna Isaacson

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